Zeta Cablaggi S.r.l.is a company  specialized in manufacturing  electrical cables with
machines and personnel highly qualified.

Our main field is manufacturing electrical cables against specification of the customer (for example: cutting, stripping, seaming/crimping, thimble assembling, automatic tinning, ect…).

Our machines can work all cables, both the unipolar and the multipolar of various sections.We have a warehouse in which you can find PVC cables, RUBBER cables, cables for high temperatures like PTFE, FEP, SILICON and STEEL WIRE ROPES. You can find also SILICON FIBREGLASS SLEEVING and POLYOLEFIN HEATSHRINKABLE TUBING.

The fields in which we work are the following ones:


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ZETA CABLAGGIs.r.l. | Via Industriale,95 - 25065 Lumezzane S.S. (BS) | Tel.+39 030 82 63 04 - Fax +39 030 82 01 21
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